How to finish your thesis


After finishing this course, 100% of your thesis is finished!

Course overview

Whether it's writing your Data, Methodology, Results or Conclusion section: this final course helps you to finish your thesis! Because the most demanding parts of your thesis are addressed in the previous three ThesisCore courses, these final parts won't take much of your time and will almost write themselves!

After this course

 You have discussed your Research method
 You have described and analyzed your Data
 You have presented your Results
 You have included a Discussion of your results
 You have finished writing your Conclusion
 …In short: you have finished your thesis!

Sample lesson

Even when great effort has been put into delivering the best research possible, the truth is that no study is perfect: there are always things to improve! Researchers often discuss these limitations and improvements in a separate limitations-section in their article, and it's something that I always ask my thesis students to also include. To give you an idea about what you should write down, I have included a sample lesson from this course: how to discuss the limitations of your study. Click here to view this lesson!

What students say

ThesisCore takes out so much of the guessing for you, it's like having a personal research and writing companion. Brian

Because of ThesisCore I really enjoyed writing my thesis! Caitlin

Writing my dissertation was probably one of the most interesting experiences at university! Markus

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