How to write your research proposal


After finishing this course, 50% of your thesis is finished!

Course overview

This second course helps you with writing a complete thesis proposal. We'll break down your proposal in 5 paragraphs. In each paragraph you will answer 1 of the 5 questions a proposal should always answer. You will learn about the best ways to write each paragraph, which literature you need to cite, how to pick your research method, and how to choose a great title for your dissertation. Furthermore, the writing method that I have designed ensures that you can also use your proposal as the Introduction section of your thesis. That's two parts of your thesis: done!

After this course

 You know the 5 questions a thesis proposal should answer
 You have a correct research question
 You have a research method to study your research question
 You have a professional title for your thesis
 You have written a 5 paragraph Research proposal or Introduction that you can send to your supervisor

Sample lesson

It doesn't matter whether you plan to write a quantitative or a qualitative thesis: a good research proposal always answers 5 questions. Each question is addressed in a separate paragraph: a typical proposal therefore is 5 paragraphs long. In this course, I will show you what you should discuss in each of these 5 paragraphs. To give you an idea, I have included a sample lesson from this course on how to write the fifth (and final) paragraph of your research proposal. Click here to view this lesson!

What students say

I like that the course provides you with a clear structure for your proposal. Because I do not have to figure out what the best way is to write my proposal I can focus on my research.Elena

My first proposal was way too extensive. With the help of this course I rewrote my proposal and it's much better now! Sebastiaan

The tips on writing a proposal, including additional stuff you can add to impress your supervisor, were really helpful! Henrika

Questions and answers

What exactly are the 5 questions?

Answer: A research proposal is a densely packed document. One, it's the blueprint of your thesis: it discusses the “what, where, who and how” of your study. Two, it's an advertisement for your research: you try to convince your reader (supervisor) why your research idea is interesting and relevant, compared to all the other studies out there. However, this is not to say it is a long document: a good Research proposal or Introduction section of a thesis should not be more than 2 pages long! I have developed 5 straightforward questions that when answered, ensure that your research proposal contains all this information.

My supervisor also wants me to include a Theoretical Framework in my proposal

Answer: No problem, simply finish the course How to write your theoretical framework and you can add this part to your research proposal.

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