Privacy policy


This privacy policy document outlines the types of personal information received and collected by our website, how that information is used, and what choices you have with respect to that information.

Why do you collect information?
How long do you keep information?
Your rights


Some terms will be used repeatedly throughout this document:

  • You: anyone accessing
  • Course: a course offered at (“How to develop your Thesis topic”, “How to write your Thesis Proposal”, “How to write your Theoretical Framework”, “Bonus – How to finish your thesis”).
  • Account: a username and password that grant access to a Student’s dashboard on, and that grant access to a Course for a specified amount of time.
  • Inactive Account: a username and password that grant access to a Student’s dashboard on, but not to a Course.
  • ThesisCore content: all content, whether articles, courses, lessons, learning methods, assignments, blog-posts, text, photographs, images, graphics, videos, tables, data, or any other works on
  • the website and any of its subdomains, owned by De Bliek Educatie, registered at Scheldedal 31, 2904HE Capelle aan den IJssel, The Netherlands, KvK company number: 70681007.

Why do you collect information?

We only collect information to be able to provide or improve our services (such as when you access a Course), or to communicate with you when you have a question or request (such as when you send an e-mail, a WhatsApp message, or when you use the LiveChat functionality). We do not sell our users’ information to third parties.

What do you collect?

Part of the information we collect is provided by you, for example:

Your Account information

We ask for basic information like your name, email address, and password in order to set up an Account on Without this information, we cannot grant access to our Course.

Your communications with us

You may also provide us information when you use our website or services, or when you communicate with us when you have a question. For example: your phone-number when you ask a questions through our WhatsApp service. Your e-mail address if you send us an e-mail. Or your chat when you use the Live Chat functionality.


If you make use of the WhatsApp functionality, your messages will be processed and stored by the messaging-application WhatsApp. Your use of WhatsApp is subject to the Terms and Conditions available from the WhatsApp website and WhatsApp Business website.

Questions and Answers (Q&A)

If you make use of the Q&A functionality, your e-mail address and chats will be processed and stored by the chat-application is GDPR compliant, and offers complete removal of your chat history upon request.

Transaction and Billing Information

If you purchase access to a Course you will provide additional personal and payment information that is required to process the transaction and your payment with your chosen payment processor (Debit or Credit card processor, or Paypal). Such as your name, information related to your payment (e.g. Ideal, Credit card, Paypal, or a Voucher Code), and contact information.

We may also collect information automatically:

Usage information

We may collect information about your usage of For example, your page views and course progress.

IP information

The use of ThesisCore and our services is restricted to your geographical location, and to our terms and conditions. We may use your IP address to determine the approximate location of your device, or to prevent concurrent logins.


We use cookies to be able to provide our services. For example, to facilitate the login process which allows you to access your Account. We use third party data gathering and reporting services to help us understand how our website is being used, so we can improve your user experience. These services will set cookies in your browser and read preexisting cookies from your use of

How long do you keep information?


Information that is related to your Account is stored on our website and accessible through your Student dashboard. It contains:

  • All personal information gathered from registration, checkout, and enrollment forms
  • Course and membership enrollments, progress, and grades
  • Earned achievements and certificates
  • Order data

This information remains available, even when your Account becomes an Inactive Account. We generally remove Inactive Accounts from our website when no login has occurred for 365 days.


We generally discard WhatsApp communications with you when we no longer need the information, for example when we have answered your WhatsApp message.


We generally remove Q&A-chat histories after 365 days. We offer complete removal of your chat history at any time upon request.


We generally discard other information about you (i.e. information that is not stored in your Account) when we no longer need the information. We retain expired information and logs for approximately 30 days.

Your rights

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives you the right to request access, modify and delete your personal data. You can access, correct, or delete your personal data using your Account settings accessible through the Student dashboard. You can also request us to delete your Account and/or personal data, or your chat history.