Almost finished with your Bachelor’s or Master’s program? Congrats! Just one more thing to get out of the way: your dissertation. But….. where should you start? What should you study? What should you even ‘do’? Indeed, for many students a thesis is a (very scary!) black box. Likely, some of the following questions have also gone through your mind:

How do I chose a ‘good’ topic?
How do I study this topic in a relevant way?
How do I make sure I collect the right literature?
How should I formulate my research question?
How should I design a hypothesis?
How should I structure my thesis?
What exactly should I discuss in each part of my thesis? And what should I not discuss?
Which research method should I pick? Statistical analysis?Literature Study? Interviews?
How should I deal with my supervisor?
…..and so forth!

ThesisCore is a 4-step online program which guides you along this entire journey – start to finish! From choosing a correct topic and a relevant research strategy, to writing each part of your document: this course will ensure you hand in a high-quality Bachelor’s or Master’s dissertation that will allow you to graduate university! And yes, using ThesisCore may also positively affect your grade!

Program overview

ThesisCore breaks up your dissertation in 4 steps. These steps serve as milestones: after completing a step a major part of your thesis is finished. Each step takes about 1 week to complete: that means you can finish your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis in just 4 weeks!

1 week
to step 2

Step 1

How come some students breeze through their thesis, meet all their deadlines and hand in a great report? By far the most important reason is: these students have chosen a correct topic and research strategy. With the unique method explained in this first course, you can’t go wrong!


In this course you:


A 1-paragraph Thesis Statement, which you can also use as a pitch for the first meeting with your supervisor, describing your:

  • Topic
  • Research strategy
  • Most important literature

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1 week
to step 3

Step 2

Found a topic and a research strategy? Great! But did you also motivate why your research idea is interesting and relevant, compared to all the other studies out there? Do you have a solid research question? Which method are you going to use to answer this question….? This course helps you write a great Research proposal, which you can automatically use as the Introduction section of your thesis!


In this course you:

  • Write your research proposal, and
  • Your Introduction section
  • Pinpoint your research method
  • Develop a solid research question
  • Develop a title for your thesis


A fully formatted thesis proposal, including:

  • front cover
  • 2-page research proposal
  • 1-page literature suggestions
  • 1-page data overview
    Including statistics, survey- or interview-questions, or literature inclusion-criteria.
  • And a complete Introduction section of your thesis

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1 week
to step 4

Step 3

Research proposal accepted? Congratulations! But wait a minute: surely you are not the first to study your topic? We also need to know how your study relates to the existing research on your topic! This means: finding and reading all the relevant literature, and discussing these studies in your Theoretical Framework (also known as the Literature Review section). In this course you will learn how to write this third major part of your thesis.


In this course you:

  • Write your theoretical framework
  • Learn which literature to discuss, and which not to discuss
  • Learn how much literature you should discuss
  • Formulate research expectations, including developing hypotheses


A finished theoretical framework, including:

  • A literature overview
  • Literature supporting your chosen research strategy
  • A research expectation

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1 week
to final thesis

Step 4

In this fourth and final course, you will write the remaining sections of your thesis: your Data, Research method, Results, Discussion and Conclusion section. You may wonder: “This many sections, how is that possible in a single course?” Easy: because the foundation of these parts has been laid in the previous three ThesisCore courses! Indeed, they will almost write themselves…


In this course, you will write the following sections:

  • Data
  • Research method
  • Results (inc. Discussion)
  • Conclusion (inc. Limitations)
  • Appendix (optional)


A finished Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis, including:

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What students say

ThesisCore takes out so much of the guessing for you, it’s like having a personal research and writing companion. Brian

I was beginning to stress out because I didn’t know how to move forward with my topic. This course helped me to structure my thoughts about my research.Sylvia

ThesisCore showed me exactly which literature I had to read, which saved me a lot of time.Louis

The tips on writing a proposal, including additional stuff you can add to impress your supervisor, were really helpful! Henrika