ThesisCore is a 4-step online course in which you will develop the research and writing skills to successfully write your Bachelor’s or Master’s dissertation and graduate university.

After using ThesisCore

 You have a relevant topic
 including a research strategy and a research question
 You know exactly how to find literature
 including best strategies to read and discuss articles
 You are prepared for meetings with your supervisor
 And best of all: you have finished writing your thesis!


Graduate faster
The best time to get help with your thesis? At the start! Our method ensures that you will not get stuck with your research or with writing your thesis.
All students
Developed for all Bachelor and Master of Science students. Check your program!

Write like a pro
Goodbye writer’s block! You will learn exactly what to discuss in each part of your dissertation: from the Introduction to your Conclusion.
Zero stress
Designed by a university thesis supervisor and used at multiple universities. A proven method that minimizes stress and maximizes results.

Course overview

ThesisCore breaks up your dissertation in 4 steps. These steps serve as milestones: after completing a step a major part of your thesis is finished.

4-6 weeks
to step 2
Step 1

How come some students breeze through their thesis, meet all their deadlines and hand in a great report? By far the most important reason is: these students have chosen a correct topic and research strategy. With the method from this first course, you can’t go wrong!

Core skills

In this course, you learn:

  • What is a scientific topic
  • What is a research strategy
  • Which literature to read first
  • How to search for literature
  • How to write a Thesis Statement


A 1-paragraph Thesis Statement describing your:

  • Topic
  • Research strategy
  • Most important literature

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1-2 weeks
to step 3
Step 2

Found a topic and a research strategy? Great! But can you also motivate why your research idea is interesting and relevant, compared to all the other studies out there? Do you have a solid research question? Which method are you going to use to answer this question….? This course helps you write a great Research proposal, which you can automatically use as the Introduction section of your thesis!

Core skills

In this course, you learn:

  • The purpose of a proposal
  • The structure of a proposal
  • To develop a research question
  • How to scientifically motivate your research idea, including which literature to cite


A fully formatted research proposal, including:

  • front cover
  • 2-page research proposal
  • 1-page literature suggestions
  • 1-page data overview
    Including statistics, survey- or interview-questions, or literature inclusion-criteria.

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4-6 weeks
to step 4
Step 3

Research proposal accepted? Congratulations! But wait a minute: surely you are not the first to study your topic? We also need to know how your study relates to the existing research on your topic! This means: finding and reading all the relevant literature, and discussing these studies in your Theoretical Framework (also known as the Literature Review section). In this course you will learn how to write this third major part of your thesis.

Core skills

In this course, you learn:

  • The purpose of a literature review
  • The structure of a theoretical framework
  • Which literature to discuss
  • How to formulate research expectations, including how to develop hypotheses


A finished theoretical framework, including:

  • A literature overview
  • Discussion of previous results
  • Literature supporting your chosen research strategy
  • A research expectation

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4-8 weeks
to final thesis
Step 4

In this fourth and final course, you will write the remaining sections of your thesis: your Data, Research method, Results, Discussion and Conclusion section. You may wonder: “This many sections, how is that possible in a single course?” Easy: because the foundation of these parts has been laid in the previous three ThesisCore courses!

Core skills

In this course, you will learn how to write the following sections:

  • Data
  • Research method
  • Results (inc. Discussion)
  • Conclusion (inc. Limitations)


A finished Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis, including:

  • Front cover
  • Research report (steps 1-4)
  • Bibliography
  • Appendix (optional)
  • Mandatory University pages

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Questions and answers

Who can use ThesisCore?

Answer: ThesisCore has been primarly designed for Bachelor of Science and Master of Science students from the Social and Life sciences. For example: Business, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, Public Administration, Biology, or Medical Science. Enrolled in a different program? Check whether you can use ThesisCore:

Is ThesisCore a subscription service?

Answer: No, ThesisCore can be accessed after a one-time payment. No recurring fees, no subscriptions!

I would like to use research method -X-. Can I use ThesisCore?

Answer: Would you like to use statistics in your thesis? Maybe you want to run an experiment? Perhaps you would like to interview people? Or, maybe you really want to do a Literature Study? No problem: the method explained in ThesisCore can be applied to all types of research.

ThesisCore is primarily concerned with developing your research idea and writing your thesis. Furthermore, the course offers practical tips for your chosen research method such as: “Which articles should I include in my Literature Study”, “Which statistical model should I use” or “Where can I find interview questions”. Note however that the course does not discuss how to apply your chosen research method, such as how to design your experiment or survey, or how to use statistics and statistical software. That is left up to you. However, you are encouraged to choose a research method that you are familiar with through your Bachelor’s or Master’s study.

Are sample lessons available?

Answer: Yes, you can access the following lessons before purchasing the online course. Also be sure to check out the Thesis Tips section on the website, to get a feeling of how ThesisCore may help you with your thesis.

How to recognize a scientific article

How to write the final paragraph of your thesis or research proposal

How to discuss a seminal paper in your theoretical framework

How to discuss the limitations of your study

What if I have a question about the course?

Answer: In each lesson you can ask a question about the course by clicking the Q&A button. We will answer your question live if a staff-member is available, or you will receive an e-mail.

Who is the course instructor?
Answer: Hi! My name is dr. Ruben de Bliek. I’m a full-time certified thesis supervisor at multiple Dutch universities, and the developer of ThesisCore
I have designed this program to help you develop the core research and writing skills necessary to successfully write your thesis and graduate university.

How long does it take to finish my Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis?

Answer: Below I’ve included a table which shows the average time spent by students on each of the 4 steps. Note that this also includes reading literature on your topic, writing parts of your thesis, and doing your research.

Step Course Finish Bachelor’s Master’s
Develop your thesis topic 25% 4 weeks 6 weeks
Write your research proposal 25% 1-2 weeks 2 weeks
Write your theoretical framework 25% 4 weeks 6 weeks
Finish your thesis 25% 4-8 weeks 6-8 weeks
Thesis finished! 100% 14-16 weeks 20-24 weeks

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