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It’s one of the things most easily overlooked: including a cover page with your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis! But what to include? How should it look? In this post, I will help you further:

What is a cover page
How should I design the cover page of my thesis
Design: Check your university
Design: Standard cover for a thesis

What is a cover page

The cover page or front page of your thesis literally is: the first page. It’s an unnumbered page with basic information about you, your university or your study program, and your thesis.

For most Bachelor’s and Master’s dissertations, it will not be very flashy: typically, it does not contain graphics, images or figures, and is printed in black-and-white. An example is posted below.

How should I design the cover page of my thesis

Before we dive into this question, you need to answer the following question first: “Does my university have rules for designing the cover page of my thesis?”. Usually, the answer to this question can be found in a thesis manual, or on your university’s website. If the answer is yes, then you can follow the advice in the next section: Design: Check your university

Does your university not require you to format your cover in a certain way? Then have a look at the ‘standard’ thesis cover that I’ve included in this post.

Design: Check your university

Most universities require students to format their cover using very specific formatting rules. The exact formatting rules will vary per university. Is this the case for you? Then my design-advice is simple: follow these rules to the dot when you design your front page! Even better: try to find an example cover on your University’s website. Usually you only have to fill in some of your details (like your name and student number) and you’re good to go!

Design: Standard cover for a thesis

If you university does not require you to design your front page using a specific format, then a ‘fail-safe’ front cover should always include the following things:

  • The title of your thesis
  • The name of the program that you graduate from
  • The name of the university that you graduate from
  • Your name, and if applicable: your student number
  • Your e-mail address
  • The name of your supervisor
  • The current date (e.g. November 16, 2018)
thesis cover page
An example of a simple cover page that contains all the necessary information for handing in a thesis. Click to open this picture in full-screen.

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